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HMTA News: 

1) Congratulations to Susan Hoop for being awarded the AMTA Music Teacher of the Year for 2022. We are so happy for you Susan. Well deserved.

2) Welcome to our newest members!ūüéä Juliana Johnson & Donna Moore are HMTA‚Äôs ¬†newest members. ¬†We at HMTA are so glad you decided to join us as new members. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming HMTA events this year.

AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions for 2022:

AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions are April 9, 2022, @ First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.
District VIII Piano Auditions are being held in person for 2022. Susan Hoop is the District Chair overseeing these auditions. For more information on this, please email Susan Hoop. Susan Hoop’s email address is susanhoop96@gmail.com

HMTA Honors Recital: 

HMTA will have an in person Honors Recital April 24, 2pm & 3:30pm, 2022.  The HMTA Honors Recital will be held @UAH Roberts Recital Hall. Free parking is located across from Roberts Hall for this event.  Masks are no longer required for performers or audience members for this event.  The deadline to register your student for the HMTA Honors Recital is April 11th. To register your student to perform for the HMTA Honors Recital, please email Ingrid Weaver. Ingrid Weaver’s email address is weaveri@uah.edu  Thank you to Ingrid Weaver for hosting this year’s HMTA Honors Recital.  You must be a current member of HMTA to enter your student for the HMTA Honors Recital. Also:

1) The 2pm Honors Recital recital is for any student.
2) The 3:30pm Honors Recital is for high school seniors only.
3) To register your student for the HMTA Honors Recital, please email the following to Ingrid Weaver: Teachers name, name & age of student performing, name of piece, composer’s name of piece being performed, & timing of piece.  You can email Ingrid Weaver at this email address: weaveri@uah.edu

October 2021: 

HMTA Annual Membership Meeting, Friday, October 22nd 2021, 10am central. Location: UAH Choral Rehearsal Room, 2nd floor of Roberts Hall, UAH campus. 
HMTA will have an in person Annual Membership meeting on Friday,October 22, @ 10am. Free  Parking is available across from Roberts Hall to everyone who attends this meeting.
There will also be an opportunity to view this meeting online through Zoom.
All people in attendance in person at this meeting will be expected to wear a mask for the duration of the HMTA event. There is no cost to attend this meeting. This meeting is open to current & potential HMTA Members.ūüéä
To request a Zoom link for the upcoming HMTA Annual Membership Meeting, please email Deborah Loach dloach@bellsouth.net

December 2021:

HMTA Palooza, Saturday December 4th, 2021 12noon, UAH Campus, Roberts Hall. 
Students of HMTA Members perform in a relaxed, recital format.
No memorization is required, holiday music is welcome to be performed.
HMTA Teacher decides what repertoire will be performed at the HMTA Palooza.
Performances can be solo or in small groups.
Students performing must be in a studio of a current HMTA member to participate.
There is no cost this year to participate.
The current HMTA Member signs up the student/s who will perform.
The current HMTA member signs up the student/s who are performing on the December 4th Palooza event by emailing Deborah Loach @ dloach@bellsouth.net by no later than 10pm on November 30, 2021.
All HMTA Members are responsible for providing programs for the students performing at the December 4th HMTA Palooza.
This will be an in person event. All people attending this event must be wear a mask at all times during this event. There will be a place for a live audience for this event. Audience members are welcome to attend this event at no charge.
If you have any questions about the upcoming HMTA Palooza, please email Deborah Loach, Host of this event: dloach@bellsouth.net


HMTA Honors Recital, April 24, 2022 time TBA, @ UAH Roberts Recital Hall. 
More information will be posted here once it becomes available. April 24 is a tentative date & will need to be confirmed.
This year’s HMTA Honors Recital will be an in person event.

Updated 2021 District VIII AMTA Piano Audition information, as of October 23rd 2021: 

District VIII Piano Auditions may be in person this year. That will need to be confirmed. If District VIII Piano Auditions are in person this year, the tentative date is April 9 @ First Baptist Church in Huntsville. Please check back soon for more updated information on this.

The following information is from last year’s District VIII Piano Auditions: 

District VIII AMTA Piano Auditions will be virtual this year. Registration is now online. This is change from last year. The new registration system for all AMTA Auditions is at this link: https://AMTA.tenutoweb.com/

Other information: Each pre-college student should submit one YouTube link that contains theory and their three prepared pieces in one unedited take.  Students should be sure to make the YouTube videos unlisted, not private. If a student makes a video submission private, the judge may not be able to view it.
College students may submit three links (one for each piece; multi movement works must be submitted as one link). Again, videos must not be edited in any way.

Theory should be spelled out loud as they would do in a live audition. Also a student should announce one’s name and division, and announce each piece before a student plays it on the YouTube video.

Once you have registered your students, you will receive a confirmation email. If you scroll to the bottom of the email, each student will be assigned a unique registration ID.  This is the number you will need to upload their video links at https://AMTA.tenutoweb.com/submit-links

When you open the Submit Links website, you will enter the registration ID, last name, and an email address where you want the confirmation sent that the video was uploaded. On the next page, you will see five spaces for links to be uploaded. Do not upload multiple students videos on this page.

Please note that either the teacher or the student/parent can upload the videos as long as the person uploading has the Registration ID from the teacher’s confirmation email.
If you have students participating in multiple events (concerto and solo) you can register for all events at once if you wish.

Registration Forms must be completed by Friday, April 9, by 11:59pm, & can be completed anytime between now & 11:59pm on 4/9. Audition Videos must be uploaded by Friday, April 9, at 11:59pm Entrance fee is $30.00.

State AMTA is May 1, 2021.

AMTA Concerto deadline is April 2, 2021.

Calendar of HMTA Events:

Friday, September 18, 10am, 2020, via Zoom: HMTA Membership Meeting

HMTA Virtual Presentation, via Zoom: Eun-Hee Park.  Date & time TBA.

HMTA Virtual Presentation, via Zoom: Deborah Loach.  Topic: The art of rhythmic integrity. Using interactive rhythmic techniques to improve your teaching & performing. Live percussion chamber music will also be performed by Deborah’s group Chamber Happenings.  Percussion  instruments used in the performance will be explained in detail.  Date & time: Friday, 10am, October 16, 2020.

HMTA Virtual Presentation, via Zoom: Omar Roy. Topic: Teaching with Technology: Tools and Strategies for Remote Instruction. Date & time: Friday, 10am, December 4, 2020.

Saturday, December 5th, 12noon, 2020, via YouTube: HMTA Virtual Palooza & Annual HMTA Fundraiser

HMTA Virtual Presentation, via Zoom: Dr. Kevin Chance.  Topic:  Hidden Treasures, Mining the Repertoire for Gems by Under Represented Composers. Friday, 10am central time, February 19, 2021. This presentation is free  and open to the public, as part of the AMTA weekend of Music. To receive a Zoom link for this presentation, email Deborah Loach, HMTA President. Her email is dloach@bellsouth.net

District VIII Piano Auditions: March 20,   2021. Video Auditions for 2021. No in person auditions for District VIII Piano Auditions this year (2021). 

April 25th, 2021: HMTA Virtual Honors Recital, hosted by Ingrid Weaver

2020 AMTA State Auditions were done by Video Submissions and Video Judging.

This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, State Auditions did not take place in person at UA as scheduled. Most universities across the country have closed & cancelled all events through the end of May. Hence AMTA moved to video auditions and video judging for all state events, which included: Pre-college Piano State Auditions, Pre-college Non-Piano State Auditions, and all Collegiate State Auditions. Winners from State Auditions will be chosen through video judging. All State Winners will be featured and celebrated at our state conference, and the ASRA awards will be granted as usual and chosen by a guest artist.

The process and timeline was a little different this year, however this is not a permanent change. Please know that AMTA is always committed to letting  students be able to take State Level Auditions & Competitions for all students who qualify. We at AMTA know  that students who audition for State always work hard to prepare each year’s AMTA State Auditions.

Below is a schedule of Deadlines for teachers in each District to submit YouTube links of videos to Kevin Chance at: Amtastateprecollegepiano@gmail.com

Friday, April 24, at 5pm Central time: Huntsville and Auburn 

Friday, May 1, 5pm Central: Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Boaz, Florence

Friday, May 8, 5pm Central: Birmingham, Mobile & Enterprise


Teacher Duties:

1) Teachers submit forms & checks like normal to Diana Pettit (State Auditions Registrar) by the deadline of April 20, 2020.
2) The quality of instrument, the location, & quality of the video will not be a factor in judging a student’s State Audition.
3) Teachers review students video auditions. Videos should meet all Video Submission requirements. (Video Submission requirements are listed below)
4) Teachers test each student’s YouTube link to ensure it’s accessibility by email. Videos that cannot be played will not be judged.
5) Teachers submit a video clip (as a YouTube video link) by email directly to Kevin Chance at the following email:   Amtastateprecollegepiano@gmail.com

6) Emails from parents sending AMTA State video auditions will not be accepted.
7) Teachers please list your students in the email alphabetically by Division, &  match the Teacher Application Form.  For example: Division I: Joe Smith, age 10, then paste YouTube link.

8) Teachers, please submit one email with all student entries. Please do not send multiple emails.

9) Teachers will receive confirmation emails that their emails with YouTube links were received. This confirmation email will come from the Chair. The Chair will Not be testing each YouTube video link. Teachers should test each link to ensure judges ability to access the video audition before sending the email to the Chair.  Be sure all privacy settings on the video are set so that anyone with the link can view the submission.

10) All students will be invited to compete at the State Auditions by receiving a Double O Rating at District.

AMTA State Video Submission Requirements:

1) Each video will contain only ONE student audition.
2) Before the student begins playing, the student will say her/his name clearly, & state the 3 pieces and composers in the order she/he will perform them.
3) Record the student playing in a way to demonstrate that the performance is memorized.
4) The video audition will be one continuous video stream without any editing or cuts.
5) All video auditions will be submitted as a YouTube video link via email. The YouTube video may be unlisted or public, as long as it can be accessed by the judge.
6) Due to the nature of the very large number of videos being submitted to the chair, each district will have a different deadline according to the date of their District Auditions.

Update about AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions: (latest update, as of 3/21/20)

The AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions for 2020 are online only. This is a response to the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Theory requirements are now available, as of 3/21/2020. If you would like a copy of the AMTA District VIII Piano Audition Theory Requirements, you can email Debi Loach @ dloach@bellsouth.net  and you will be emailed current theory requirements. Division I Theory: When recording the video audition,  have the student state major key and then play all required major theory, then have student state minor key & have student play all required minor theory.  For Division II and Division III Theory: Have the student state key before each requirement played. (State E flat major scale, then play, state g minor scale, then play, state A major chord, then play, etc.)

The following is from Susan Hoop, AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions Chair:

‚ÄĚThe AMTA Board voted and approved a Contingency Plan of Video Auditions & Video Judging for Districts that were not able to hold in-person auditions this year.¬† This Contingency Plan allowed for every student who intended to participate in District Auditions to be able to participate.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúSubmission of videos for our District was from Saturday, March 21 to Saturday, March 28 at 4pm,2020. ¬†Theory to be recorded was emailed to the teachers on March 21, 2020. Videos were forwarded to judges on March 28, and Susan Hoop had results of the video auditions within 3 to 4 days. Any videos received after 4pm on March 28, 2020 were not judged.‚ÄĚ

Below is an AMTA District VIII Piano Audition Video Submission Checklist & Requirements: (updated on 3/21/2020)

1) Please begin video recording early, as the entire process (recording, uploading, reviewing, and sending videos) will take time.

2) Early Submission of video auditions is better than late. Late submissions will not be accepted. Submission of videos for District VIII Piano Auditions are from Saturday, March 21 through Saturday, March 28 @ 4pm.
3) Teachers must submit his/her student’s AMTA District VIII video audition on on behalf of the student auditioning. The video must be submitted by the Teacher by 4pm on Saturday, March 28 at the latest.

4) Each video only contains only ONE student audition.

5)  The student must clearly say his/her name and age, and age of theory level on the video before playing. Have the student also give the name of each piece & composer before each piece is played on the video.

6)  The student is visibly playing by memory on the video. Record the video so that the judge can see the student’s hands and so that the judge can see that the piece is memorized. Any student using sheet music will receive a score of Comments Only and become ineligible for state auditions.

7) The video audition is one continuous video stream without any editing or cuts.

8) The student plays 2-3 pieces from memory (based on chosen tier) and then the assigned theory for his\her age. The 2-3 pieces can be in any order. They do not need to be in the order listed on the student’s application.
9) Video audition is uploaded to YouTube.  YouTube video may be public, or unlisted, as long as it can be accessed by link copied to email.

10) Students, submit YouTube link to your Teacher. Only Teachers submit AMTA District VIII Piano Video Auditions to the District Chair. Students, plan ahead and send your video audition link to your teacher way before the Sat. March 28, 4pm deadline. This is so your teacher will have time to review your video & test the YouTube link before the deadline.

11) Teachers, please email the YouTube link of your student’s AMTA District VIII Piano Audition video to: susanhoop96@gmail.com

12) Susan Hoop will send a confirmation email to the teacher, confirming that Susan has received a YouTube video link by email for that Teacher’s student. 

January, 2020:

HMTA Meeting: 

Friday, January 31, 10am, 2020, Susan Hoop’s House. Susan Hoop’s home address is 120 Jay Drive, Madison, Alabama, 35758

Topic: AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions Question & Answer session. Susan Hoop will host a meeting to help HMTA members better understand the changes to this year’s (2020) AMTA District Piano Auditions for Huntsville, Alabama.
This meeting is open to everyone interested in enrolling his or her piano students in the upcoming AMTA District VIII Piano Auditions. There is no cost to attend this meeting. 

HMTA Presentation:

Friday, January 17, 10am, 2020, Roberts Recital Hall

HMTA Presentation with Omar H. Roy, Instructor of Piano from the University of Alabama as speaker. January 17, 10am, Roberts Recital Hall, UAH Campus.  Parking is available at no charge across from Roberts Hall.  If you are a current member of HMTA there is no cost to attend this presentation.
Topic is: Repertoire Roadmaps. This workshop addresses how to use Repertoire Roadmaps to set appropriate goals for your students and help them build up the repertoire your students dream about playing while emphasizing transparency & clarity in your teaching. 

AMTA District Audition UPDATE: At the most recent AMTA Board Meeting, the AMTA Board approved some MAJOR changes to the AMTA District Auditions, which take effect immediately, as they will add much more flexibility to our auditions. 

More detailed information on the AMTA District Audition changes can be found under the 2020 AMTA District VIII Piano Audition News tab

December, 2019:

HMTA Community Palooza:

The  upcoming HMTA Community Palooza confirmed date is Saturday, December 7th,  2019, 12-3pm Huntsville Public Library, Downtown Location, at 915 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL. Hosted by Tamar Saliashvili.

Sign up deadline:  Monday, October 7th.

Goal:  Bring music to the community, and to raise awareness of Music Teaching through  Performance by the HMTA Members and their Students,  & Fundraise, Promote HMTA -a 501(c) organization.

Instruments:¬†¬† We are renting an upright piano for this year’s Palooza.¬† All other instruments will need to be provided by the person playing his/her instrument. If you need to bring your own instrument, please indicate on the sign up sheet at the time of signing up.

Program: Each studio teacher will be assigned a particular time slot (around 15 minutes) to feature his/her students on a first come, first serve basis. Music repertoire choices are at each teacher’s discretion. We encourage all styles and instrumentation of music performances. No memorization required for this program. Teacher’s will prepare and print the program for his/her own studio performances for this event. Teacher’s will also announce pieces before each selection is played to allow smooth transitions between performances. There will raffle tickets drawings for gift cards for everyone who donates to HMTA while attending this event.

Fundraising:  Similar to running a marathon for a cause,  each student who performs is encouraged to find sponsors to support their  Palooza performance.  The forms will be sent to teachers who signed up for the event for direct distribution to his/her students.

Sign up fee:  20$ per studio

How to sign up to participate in this event:  To access the Palooza sign up sheet  and receive a Palooza fundraising form, please email Tamar Salishvili at tamarsalia@yahoo.com or Debi Loach at dloach@bellsouth.net

April, 2020:

HMTA Student Honors Recital is April 26th, 2020. Time TBA. Location is UAH Roberts Recital Hall. Deadline to register for the HMTA Honors Recital will be April 19th. Check back soon for more details on this event.

The  2019 HMTA Annual Meeting was  held on Friday, August 16th, 10am, at the Choral Rehearsal Room, Roberts Hall, UAH Campus. Current members of HMTA were encouraged to bring prospective members to the HMTA Annual Meeting.

After the Annual Meeting at Newk’s (4925 University Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35816) August 16th, we honored long time HMTA member Frances Schwemmer at our Newk’s luncheon.¬† ¬†Frances Schwemmer is stepping down as the AMTA District Audition Chair for Huntsville, AL. Susan Hoop will be in charge of running the 2020 AMTA District Auditions for Huntsville, AL.¬† HMTA sends a big thank you to Frances for all of her hard work for running the past AMTA District Auditions in Huntsville, AL.

2020 AMTA  District  Auditions Preliminary Information, from Susan Hoop, AMTA District Chairman:

AMTA District Auditions will be held, Saturday,¬† March 21st, 2020 at First Baptist Church in Huntsville. Forms for the AMTA District auditions will be due on Saturday, February 29th, 2020.¬† The date of the AMTA District Auditions are earlier than normal this year (2020) because of the dates of this year’s spring breaks. Further information is posted under the AMTA District VIII Piano Audition News tab at this website.

Please check back soon for more detailed information regarding this year’s AMTA Concerto District Auditions.

The 2019 AMTA State Conference was held on May 30-June 1, 2019. This is the first time in 67 years that the AMTA State Conference was held in Huntsville, AL. The AMTA Conference featured great recitals, workshops, clinicians and presenters. The special members’ banquet was included when you registered for the 3 day AMTA State Conference.¬†Congrats to Dr. Melody Ng, AMTA State Conference Host, for hosting a successful AMTA State Conference in Huntsville, AL!


The 2019 AMTA District VIII Piano Audition information has posted, and is listed under the 2019 AMTA District VIII Piano Audition News Tab on this website. New this year: Concerti auditions are  now scheduled in February. Information on this is listed  at http://www.almta.org

APRIL, 2019:

HMTA Honors Recitals,  April 28th, 2pm and 3:30pm, Roberts Recital Hall, UAH Campus. Hosted by Ingrid Weaver.


HMTA Community Music Palooza. Saturday,December 1st, 2018, 12-3pm, Downtown Huntsville Library, 915 Monroe Street, Huntsville, Alabama. Hosted by Tamar Saliashvili.

Sign up deadline: October 20th,2018.

Goal: Bring Music to the Community, Raise Awareness of Music Teaching and Performance by HMTA Members and their students, Fundraise and Promote HMTA – a 501 (c) organization.

Instruments: There will be a digital keyboard with damper pedal available. If you need to bring your own instruments, please indicate on the sign up sheet at the time of signing up.

Program: Each studio teacher will be assigned a particular time slot (around 15 minutes) to feature his/her students on a first come, first serve basis. Music repertoire choices are at each teacher’s discretion. We encourage all styles and instrumentation of music performances. No memorization required for this program.¬† Teachers will print the program for their own students performances and will announce pieces before each selection is played to allow smooth transitions between performances. There will be a raffle ticket drawing for gift cards for everyone who donates to HMTA at this event.

Sign up fee: 20$ per HMTA member’s studio.

Fundraising: Similar to running for a marathon for a cause, each student who peforms is encouraged to find sponsors to support their Palooza performance. The forms will be sent to teachers who signed up for the event for direct distribution to their students.

To access the Palooza sign up sheet and and receive a Palooza fundraising form, please email Tamar Saliashvili at tamarsalia@yahoo.com or Debi Loach at dloach@bellsouth.net

OCTOBER, 2018:

HMTA Piano Presentation by Susan Hoop, Friday, October 19th, 2018, 10am, UAH choral rehearsal room, Roberts Hall, UAH Campus. Address of UAH Roberts Hall Music Building is  Roberts Hall, Ben Graves Drive NW, Huntsville, Alabama, 35816. The UAH choral rehearsal room is located on the 2nd floor of Roberts Hall, in room 201. Parking is located across from Roberts Hall.

The HMTA Oct. 19th Piano Presentation will be on the topic “My Favorite Elementary and Intermediate Pedagogical Piano Literature: How to Hook Students and Lay a Firm Foundation for the Future”.¬† Open to all HMTA Members.


HMTA Networking Business Luncheon. Saturday, September 8th, 2018, 11am-12noon, Newk’s Restaurant, 4925 University Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, 35816

New: Would you like to increase your¬† music contacts?¬† Introducing¬† new HMTA Networking Business Luncheons. First HMTA Networking¬† Business luncheon is Saturday, September 8th, 11am to 12noon at Newk’s Restaurant on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama. Newk’s address is 4925 University Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, 35816. Open to non HMTA members. HMTA members¬† who attend and participate will receive 5$ towards the cost of his/her business lunch.¬† A specific networking protocol will be followed so everyone who attends will have a chance to speak briefly. For more information, please contact HMTA President, Debi Loach by email. Her email is dloach@bellsouth.net No RSVP needed to attend.

AUGUST, 2018:

HMTA members, please join us for our Annual Meeting, Friday,August 17th, 2018, at 10am, at the private residence of Frances Schwemmer. Frances Schwemmer’s address is 126 Robin Lane, Huntsville,Alabama, 35802-1002. For those of you unable to attend on a weekday, we will repeat this Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 18th, 2018 at 10am, at the Choral Rehearsal Room, located in Roberts Hall at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.



 Celebration Suite by Eugenie Rocherolle Premiers Before Sell-Out Audience!

Celebration Suite, by Eugenie Rocherolle, was premiered before a sell-out audience last Saturday night, February 27, in Roberts Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Alabama, Huntsville. This exciting new musical work was commissioned by the Huntsville Music Teachers Association to honor the City of Huntsville in celebration of the Association’s 20th anniversary.

The commissioned composer, Eugenie Rocherolle, was present for the premier.

All of the music performed on the concert was music arranged or composed by Ms. Rocherolle and the order of the selections portrayed a journey that blended music, history, and geography. The journey started in the Red River Valley and ended here in the Tennessee Valley, with the Celebration Suite, premiered in performance by teachers of the Huntsville Music Teachers Association.

At the conclusion of the concert, the Association presented framed copies of the Celebration Suite score to representatives of the City of Huntsville, Redstone Arsenal, and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Accepting on behalf of the City was Kelly Cooper Schrimscher, Director of Communications for the City of Huntsville’s Officer of the Mayor. Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander, Colonel William L. Marks II accepted the presentation of behalf of Redstone Arsenal, and Dr. Dan Schumacher, Director of the Science and Technology Office accepted the framed score on behalf of Marshall Space Flight Center.

Maestro Joseph Lee, the third Music Director of the Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra, the Resident Conductor of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the Huntsville Youth Orchestra, conducted the piano ensembles. Phillip Keveren, a multi-talented and extremely versatile keyboard artist, composer, arranger, and producer from Brentwood, Tennessee, was the Master of Ceremonies. Ms. Lisa Belk of Huntsville was the Recital Chairman, Dr. Melody Ng of UAH was the Performance Director, and Diana A. Pettit of Athens, President of the Huntsville Music Teachers Association, was the Premier Concert Director.

The premier concert was supported by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Huntsville Arts and Cultural Grant Program, and the Alabama Music Teachers Association.  HMTA also gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Alabama, Huntsville, and AB Stephens Music Store.

Listen to Ginny Kennedy’s Interview on WLRH with Ms. Rocherolle:

WLRH Interview

This project was made possible by a grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.



This project has been made possible by a 2016 Arts & Cultural Grant from The Arts Council funded by the City of Huntsville .

NEWGrant Program Logo [Recovered] (1)

http://www.artshuntsville.org/our programs/arts-assembly-description-a-member-benefits/Huntsville-arts-a-cultural-grant-program


The mission of the Huntsville Music Teachers Association (HMTA), an organization of independent and collegiate music teachers, is to further the art of music through teaching, performance, composition and scholarly research and to advance the value of music study and music-making to society while supporting the careers and professionalism of music teachers.

HMTA members  include teachers of composition, brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion, piano, organ guitar, voice and choral music.

HMTA is the local affiliate of the Music Teachers National Association (www.mtna.org), and the Alabama Music Teachers Association (www.almta.org). Membership in MTNA, AMTA, and HMTA is open to all music teachers actively engaged in any field of musical activity.

To join HMTA, visit the MTNA website at www.mtna.org and click on membership. Identify HMTA as your local affiliate and send in the HMTA membership dues* to MTNA along with the MTNA dues and the AMTA dues (both of which are indicated on the form on the MTNA website).

 *Membership Dues in the Huntsville Music Teachers Association are as follows:

General Membership/ Active or Retired Teachers = $20.00 per year
Patron Membership                                                             = $20.00 per year
Student Membership                                                           = $5.00 per year

Your membership in HMTA makes a host of resources available to you on the local, state and national level including:

  • American Music Teacher Association Journal Subscription
  • Assessment Tool for Teachers
  • General Program funding
  • Grants
  • Insurance and Financial Planning
  • Intermediate Chamber Music Repertoire Listings
  • MTNA Marketplace
  • MTNA Message Board
  • “Music for Everyone” Program
  • Music Teachers Library
  • Music Wellness Bibliography
  • National and State Competition Programs
  • National and State Conferences
  • Online Communities Discussion Groups
  • Professional Code of Ethics
  • Teacher Certification
  • US Copyright Law Guide for Educators
  • Websites for Students on MTNA Website

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