MTNA Competitions

Visit the MTNA Competition website for all forms and guidelines regarding the annual MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions.

  • Composition Competition

  • Junior High School Performance Competitions

  • High School Performance Competitions

  • Collegiate Artist Performance Competitions

  • Collegiate Chamber Music Performance Competition

These auditions begin at the state level in October or November of each year, with the deadline for entry generally the second Monday in September. They are open auditionswhich parents, teachers, and other interested persons may attend, if space permits. Students who participate in these auditions must use the official Application Form and must follow all the eligibility and repertoire requirements as set by MTNA at all levels. State winners are expected to continue on to the Division level, and Division winners to National. Out-of-state judges, if available, for these auditions will be secured by the MTNA/AMTA Judges Coordinator or by the auditions chair. The decisions of the judges are final and may not be questioned by the participants, their parents, nor their teachers. One winner in each media may be selected, however, if no auditioning student meets the acceptable standards of MTNA, then no winner will be declared. For more detailed information about each of these auditions, visit the MTNA Competition website.



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