2020 AMTA District VIII Piano Audition News


AMTA District VIII Piano Audition News – 2019-2020

Please check back soon for the AMTA Concerto Audition information. Concerto auditon Information will be posted at this tab once it becomes available.

From:  Susan Hoop – Chair


Email: susanhoop96@gmail.com

Tel: 256.721.1192

 Susan Hoop’s Address: 120 Jay Drive, Madison, AL, 35758

Date:  March 21, 2020

Place:  First Baptist Church, 600 Governors Drive, Hsv. 35801

Deadline for forms:  Saturday, February 29th  Use 2020 District Solo Forms only–

Forms may be mailed or left on my front porch any day the week of February 29th.

Pick up for forms:   TBA All forms not picked up will be mailed, unless you email me that you want to pick them up on Monday morning.


  • Please arrive 20 minutes before the assigned audition time.
  • Enter the church from the EAST side – look for signs.
  • Bring your music, erased, measures numbered, students without their music may receive comments only but will not receive a grade, nor may they advance to the state audition level.
  • Please allow a little leeway in your schedule. Parents and students are asked to wait in the waiting room until called.



  • Download the 2020 District Audition Forms from almta.org.
  • Complete forms online and print out.
  • Complete 2 copies of the 2020 Application form.
  • Complete 1 copy of the 2020 District Audition Form for EACH student entered.
  • Staple the appropriate level theory sheet behind the Audition Form for each student.
  • Make special requests ONLY in the most urgent situations since only a limited number of special time requests can be accommodated.
  • Write 1 check payable to Susan Hoop for all of your students’ audition fees. The audition fee is $25.00 per student.
  • Sign the line that confirms that you are the teacher of all students listed on the forms.
  • Please arrange the Audition Forms alphabetically and by divisions before mailing.
  • Include a self-addressed, business-sized envelope for return notification of your students’ audition time.
  • No changes of literature or audition times can be made without contacting the District Chair.
  • Students and Parents should NOT contact the District Chair – the Teachers should do this about scheduling issues, grades, judges, or judging, please.
  • Teachers should email the District Chair to let her know that students will be absent from scheduled auditions.
  • Audition fees are non-refundable.
  • Volunteers are always appreciated and welcome! Please indicate your willingness to help with a note with your forms.  It would be helpful to let me know if you are available for the morning, afternoon, or for a full day. Lunch is provided for all day workers.
  • Student Age Classifications for the Auditions:
    • See Student Activities Handbook which is at almta.org.
    • Please, no Xeroxed or duplicated music accepted. If you are using music purchased and printed on line, you must fill out the “Downloaded Print Music Form” which will accompany your application. It is on almta.org under the tab “Teacher Forms.”
    • Use the age of the student on Sept. 1, 2020 as the age of the student on the audition forms. Remember 9 mo. of study counts as 1 full year of study.


AMTA Theory Keyboard Requirements Books compiled by Dr. Ron Shinn are available for purchase.  These books include the theory requirements per division and may be obtained by contacting Frances Schwemmer by email.  You may purchase them at Ellis Piano Co. in Birmingham also.  Current prices per book are:

Division I ($7.00)

Division II ($6.00)

Division III ($8.00)

It is the responsibility of the teacher to go over the theory requirements that are printed in the Handbook (almta.org) as there might be some slight differences in the Shinn theory books and the almta.org information. You should double check to be sure. The information in the handbook is the one to follow.

 After the District Audition:  The date listed  below for the state AMTA auditions are now correct.

Your district auditions packet will be ready to be picked up by you on Sunday.  In each packet there will be an information letter from the state auditions chair, Dr. Kevin Chance, which outlines the procedure for registering your students for the state audition held at the University of Alabama May 8 & 9, 2020.  This letter outlines other details for the state audition that need to be followed.  New this year–updated and most current information on Concerti auditions are on the almta.org website. Concerti auditions are now scheduled in February. Only solo auditions are scheduled on Friday beginning around noon and only solo auditions are scheduled for Saturday, beginning at 9:00 – 3:00.

  • The students must be age 10 (as of Sept. 1, 2020) through age 18 or they may be age 9 if they are in the 5th grade.
  • Students must receive the grade of Outstanding in both theory and performance at the District Audition to qualify for the State Audition.
  • There are no theory requirements for the state audition.
  • Consult the Soundboard (the online newsletter of the AMTA) and the Student Activities Handbook posted on our web site (almta.org).
  • The $25.00 entry fee for each student is to be included in your packet to the state chair.  Check is to be payable to AMTA for the state audition fees.



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